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Fax Online

RingCentral fax online has by far and away the most advanced fax online features available anywhere at no extra charge. Electronically sign and edit fax online documents, design custom cover pages and fax online from email, Microsoft® applications and even your phone. And RingCentral fax online automatically notifies you when a fax has been successfully sent; there’s no more waiting around to see if the transmission made it through.

Do you like faxing documents from your old fax machine? If you answered ‘no!’ to this question, then you’re not alone. Faxing tends to be one of the most intimidating, complex procedures you can undertake in the office. Fax machines seem to constantly fall prey documents failures, smudged transmissions and those loud, obnoxious screeching noises. These headache-inducing nuisances can all be eliminated in one quick, easy step: RingCentral fax online. RingCentral fax online is a key step towards efficiency that every small business should take; simply put, RingCentral fax online makes faxing quick, secure and easy.

By redirecting faxes to be sent over the Internet, you eliminate all the irritating nuisances caused by standard fax machines. RingCentral Professional hosted phone service and RingCentral Fax both come with RingCentral fax online capabilities at no extra charge. With the most advanced fax online features available anywhere at any price, RingCentral fax online enables you to design and compose cover pages, send fax documents online from your computer and get a message confirming receipt of the fax. No more waiting around wondering if your fax made it safely to its destination. The fax is sent over the Internet without the noise and at ten times the speed. And when you receive the fax online documents, they arrive via email as ready-to-read attachments. Most importantly, you’ll save space, time, money and paper by choosing fax online over a normal fax machine.

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